Finn Farm Cattery of New Brunswick - Siamese Kittens


The Siamese cat originated in Siam, which is now considered part of Thailand. The Siamese breed became popular through the royal family of Siam, who gave them as gifts to visiting dignitaries. The very early breed standard describes a long wedged head, large ears, and deep blue almond shaped eyes. The Siamese coat is short,and the very muscular body is supported by long legs and graced by a long neck and tail.

Like Birmans, the "Points" are darker against a cream colored body.

The Siamese personality is affectionate, smart, and extremely loyal. The Siamese voice is legendary and they love to use it! They are very much an "attention seeking" breed, and will follow you anywhere.

For more information on Siamese cats or where you can get one, please do not hesitant to email.

Siamese Kittens New Brunswick

Shocho's The Oscar of Finn Farm - chocolate point, dad of the future babies to be.

Very friendly, very beautiful boy.


Siamese Kittens New Brunswick

Su-Su's Landon of Finn Farm - lilac point. He is a Double Champion in ACFA. Very friendly, but shy when first meeting you.


Siamese Kittens New Brunswick

Susu's Kisses for Kree of Finn Farm, hails from Rhode Island, USA.  She is a seal point, which colour I needed in my breeding program.  I would like to thank Judy Sousa for this sweet girl. 

Sire:  Hiway Napoleon Dynamite

 Dam:  Su-Su's Good Golly Miss Molly.

Siamese Kittens New Brunswick

Sutton's Meadow Brook of Finn Farm comes from Mass.   A little chocolate girl to give us more chocolate delights.  Meadow will be checking out the show halls, before she plans on becoming a mama.  Thank you to Debra Fagerstrom for this chocolate delight.