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Hi, My name is Rosemary Finnamore-Chown, and I want to welcome you to Finn Farm Cattery, located in Jemseg, York Co, New Brunswick. I have been breeding purebred cats since 1996, and I have learned a lot in the 15 years that I have been breeding.

I have read oodles of pedigrees, have read much about health care issues, and have learned what is best for breeding cats.

The males all have their own quarters, and the girls as well, when they are raising a family.

I DO NOT breed my males or females to ANY UNREGISTERED cats, so please, do not get in contact with me, looking for an outcross. I run a closed cattery. My cats have all been vet checked, and vaccinated. They are all inside cats, and are very content.

The kittens stay inside their rooms until they have had their first set of needles, then they get to come out and have the run of my home, sleeping with me, and playing with the dogs.

Adopting a kitten is a big commitment, so before you send that deposit, please be sure this is for you. The deposit is non-refundable.

I will ask you questions, and maybe even ask for a reference, as I feel very responsible for my kittens. They are dependent upon me to find good homes for them, and I cannot, and will not, let them down. Adopting a Finn Farm kitten is adopting a bundle of love. The kittens have been well cared for, and it will be YOUR responsibility to see that they get the same at your home.

I ask that you keep in touch with me, and send pictures, as I like to know how they are doing, and to see how they have grown. Most of my kittens will go as pets, some will go as show cats, and some will go as breeders. I prefer that my show and breeder cats go to homes that know what showing and breeding is all about. Yes, some of you may want to learn, and that is fine....but it is VERY, VERY important, that you go to a few shows first, if you want to show your kitten, to see what it all entails. Learn how to bathe, groom, and how to handle your kitten.

I work very hard to run a respectable cattery, and a healthy one. However, there are times, when things do go wrong. Therefore, I sell all my kittens and cats by contract, with a health guarantee on my kittens. I also, from time to time, have retired adults for sale.

I was a founding member of the Chickadee Cat Club and I am now serving on the executive as the Vice-President.  The Chickadee Cat Club is one of three ACFA chartered Clubs in Eastern Canada Region.  We received our charter in 2005 and presently have 84 members.  The Club holds monthly meetings which invite all members of the public who have an interest in or love of cats to attend.  Guest speakers provide information to help us better understand the responsibilities of being a good cat care provider.  Our Club meets with the public at events in our community to promote awareness of registered pedigree cat breeders.  We host ACFA Championship and Household Pet Cat Shows in order to give breeders the opportunity to present their cats to qualified judges to be sure that they are breeding to as near to the standard as possible in order to maintain the breed without genetic fault or poor quality of health.  These shows give the public an opportunity to meet with registered breeders and learn more about their breeding program for their breed of Cat.  We discourage back yard breeders and buying from pet stores where an unassuming purchaser may encounter unethical breeders with no guarantee of genetic background or health.

For more information on purchasing a kitten or cat or the cat club, get in touch with me, by clicking on the mailbox above or calling 506-488-3337.

Puddings and Purrs,


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